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James Overbee

"Stayin' In Touch"


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James Overbee, a native of Eastern Kentucky, was born into a musical family. All the influence he needed to make true roots music was there in the beginning. Bluegrass and country music ran rampant in James’ childhood. His father, a Baptist minister, was also a traveling performer and songwriter. This instilled in young James not only the idea of songwriting and poetry but also the business side of music early on. Since James could write, he wrote songs. He became fascinated with melody while singing in church. At the age of 10, he got his first set of drums. Around this time his father gave him The Beatles record, ‘Abbey Road’. Rock and Roll was defined for James at that moment. Needing a vessel for his songwriting, he quickly swapped the drums for a guitar. After playing in some bands in high school, Overbee struck up a musical partnership with multi-instrumentalist Roy Lee Centers, grandson and namesake of the late Roy Lee Centers (Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys 1971-1974). James and Roy have continued to work together on projects ever since. Along with Bruce Chaney, James and Roy produced the new James Overbee and The Talking Machine record “Stayin’ In Touch”. James and Roy along with drummer Fred Spencer Jr. and bassist Dave Vaughn combine to make up what is the band James Overbee and The Talking Machine. James Overbee has written over 1000 songs and has recorded, played on and released numerous albums. From radio and television programs to folk festivals and rock clubs, he has performed relentlessly in the region for the better part of a decade. Whether you see James’ electrified rock and roll band or catch a solo show with just acoustic guitar and harmonica, you'll see how James’ performances attract an audience as diverse as his music…true roots music…

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Official Home Page of the James Overbee - www.myspace.com/jamesoverbeeandthetalkingmachine

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