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Ronnie King

New CD is now available! - "Free of Guilt"


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Ronnie King's new solo project "Free of Guilt" is scheduled for release on Kindred Records May 1, 2010. The first single "I'd Like To See You" is accompanied by award winning vocalist Dale Ann Bradley, and is due to be digitally released to radio in April on AirPlayDirect.

"Free of Guilt," includes eleven original songs by Ronnie, plus one track "Cigarette Girl" by James Overbee. Studio musicians include CJ Cain on guitar, Matt De Spain on resonator, Will Parsons on banjo, James Overbee on harmonica, Daniel Carwile on fiddle, Scott Lambert on drums, and Owen Reynolds on bass. Billie Renee Johnson also contributes harmony vocals on one track. Ronnie recorded and performed with “New River Line” from 2002- 2006, an original bluegrass band he co-founded in Kentucky. It was during this time in which Ronnie began his songwriting, contributing many originals to NRL’s first two projects, one of which “My Brother Paul” earned runner up in the 2007 Chris Austin Songwriting contest at the annual MerleFest festival in Wilkesboro, NC. Ronnie left NRL in 2007 to pursue solo interest in other genres such as folk and rock, devoting his time to a song writing journey in multiple paths. His songwriting is emotionally intense with socially relevant material, and ranges from controversial subjects such as poverty, drug abuse, and politics to memories of home, thoughts of freedom, love, and social responsibility.





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